What are Progressive Web Apps and why do you need them?

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What are Progressive Web Apps? You’ve heard the term mentioned in tech news, but what do they mean and why should you care? Put simply, PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) are user experiences that combine the best of web apps and native mobile apps. More specifically, PWAs give you access to app-like features such as push notifications and offline support without having to actually download an app from an app store. To get started with using PWAs, follow these five simple steps.


A Progressive Web App is built using modern web technologies. This results in a app that is fast, reliable and engaging. Here are five reasons why you need a Progressive Web App:

1. They load quickly, even on slow networks

2. They’re reliable – they work offline and never show the spinning wheel of death

3. They’re engaging – they feel like a natural app on your device, with an immersive user experience

4. They’re easy to discover – they’re indexed by search engines, so people can find them just like any other website

5. They’re linkable – they can be shared via URL, so people can easily share them with others


Progressive Web Apps are websites that look and feel like an app, but don’t require users to go through the app store in order to download them. They’re faster, more reliable, and use less data than traditional apps, which is why they’re so important for businesses. Here are five reasons why your business needs a Progressive Web App:

1. They’re fast – Users can access Progressive Web Apps instantly, without having to wait for the app to download.

2. They’re reliable – Progressive Web Apps work offline and in low-signal areas, so users can always access your content.

3. They use less data – Because Progressive Web Apps are lighter than traditional apps, they use less data, which is important for users with limited data plans.

Push Notifications

In the past, people would have to manually check their favorite websites for new content. With push notifications, your users can opt-in to receive updates from your website on their desktop or mobile device. This means they won’t miss a beat, even if they’re not actively using your app. It’s like updating an RSS feed with breaking news, but it happens automatically in real time. Offline Capabilities: Even if someone doesn’t have a reliable connection, they can still use progressive web apps by saving some data for later offline viewing.

Your website is a mobile app, without being an app

In the past, if you wanted to have a website that functioned like an app, you would have to create a separate app. This was both time-consuming and expensive. With progressive web apps (PWAs), you can have the best of both worlds: a website that feels like an app, without all the hassle. Here are five reasons why PWAs are the way of the future:

1. They’re fast.

2. They’re reliable.

3. They’re engaging.

4. They’re responsive.

5. They’re installable.

Add to Homescreen – The click

A Progressive Web App is a website that looks and feels like an app. You can add it to your homescreen for quick and easy access, just like a native app.

1. They’re quick to load – Even on slow connections, Progressive Web Apps load quickly thanks to caching.

2. They’re reliable – Service workers make sure that your Progressive Web App is always available, even offline.

3. They’re engaging – Full-screen mode, push notifications, and home screen icons make Progressive Web Apps more engaging than traditional websites.

4. They’re installable – Once you’ve added a Progressive Web App to your homescreen, it behaves like a native app.

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