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This privacy policy gives a detailed explanation of how Infylo uses the data we collect from you whenever you use the website and the rights you have over the information that you give us. We understand the importance of privacy.


For clarity, please note that the terms “We’, “Our”, or “Us” refers to Infylo Technologies, “You”, “Users”, refers to the esteemed users of our services and visitors to our sites, and “Third-party” refers to our partners, subsidiary, and our parent or sister company. Also, we make changes to the information available on this page by updating it from time to time.

How we collect data

We collect data from our users in three different ways which include directly requesting information from users, cookies, and external tools. However, the way we collect these data depends on the services you are using.

1. Data we request:

The data we directly request from you is personal information such as your name, email address, phone number, country, skype ID, and other optional information you choose to share with us.

2. Cookies:

Cookies are small-size file trackers we use to analyze web traffic and monitor users’ activity on the web. They are automatically enabled on your device the first time you visit our website and can be disabled by turning on “do not accept cookies” in your browser settings.


Besides the cookies our site uses, we use third-party tools and services such as Google Analytics, Intercom, and Lucky Orange, which have their privacy policy and use cookies to collect data whenever you are on the web. The following are information we get from these third-party tools:

  • Google Analytics – It and report help us to collect data about your device such as the IP address, the type of browser used to visit the page, the time you visit and spend on the page, type of operating system used, internet speed, web interactions, and on-site activities. The data collected helps us to analyze users’ experiences to enhance them. Please note that aside from the mentioned data, we do not collect any other personal information from you. For a better understanding of how Google Analytics uses and shares your data, we recommend that you read their privacy policy.
  • Intercom We use the intercom tool to offer customer care services to users of our website. The tool does not have access to your personal information, but it collects other forms of data that are per its privacy policy.

We use external tools such as Mail chimp and Social plugins to collect data on your activities that generate traffic for our sites and to monitor how much traffic they generate. Here’s how we use these two tools to collect your data.

  • MailChimpMailChimp is an email marketing tool we use to send and monitor the traffic promotional emails generate to our website. It helps us to calculate the amount of engagement and click rates we generate.
  • Social plugins -Our website contains a link to different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Dribble, YouTube, Google Plus, and Behance that helps to increase our site engagement and visibility. Whenever you click on any of the links, the social media platforms collect your data, use it, and share it according to their privacy policies. We recommend that you check out the privacy policy of these platforms to better understand how they use your data.
    Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn , YouTube, Behance, Dribble.
Why do we collect this data

We value the users of our services. Hence, we prioritize giving them a top-notch user experience. The data we collect is for the main purpose of serving our users better. It provides us with statistical analysis that helps us understand the performance and activities taking place on our site, and helps us to offer excellent personalized services, improve our site performance, and increase the confidentiality of our site.

How we protect your data

Securing the confidentiality of our user’s personal information is our topmost priority. Hence, we take all possible legal measures to safeguard them. We have administrative, physical, and technical measures in place to ensure that your data is protected and inaccessible to unauthorized parties or systems. Sometimes, we also ask for proof of identity or some other personal information before granting your request.

In event of any unexpected breach of your privacy, measures have been put in place to immediately contact the user and the appropriate authorities concerned within the time frame of 72 hours.

How we use your data

We collect, store, process, and use the personal data we request from you to implement our terms and conditions, foster one on one communication with you via email, phone number, and other contact information you made available to us, improve our services and user experience, and provide important information to our third-party services to better your experience on-site. We also use this information to detect fraud, carry out internal research, and manage our website.

Please note that every data we collect from you via one or three of the means mentioned above is in accordance with the law governing our locality.

When we share your data

The importance of the confidentiality of your information to us cannot be overemphasized. We secure your data and do not share it with any third party except mandated by the law, and when it is needed to facilitate and enhance our services. Before sharing your personal information, first, we make sure that we gain your direct permission to do so.

Your Rights

As a user of our services, it is your right to gain full control of the personal information we store about you, and how we use it. You can opt-out of our mailing list, and other means through which we send you notifications.

Sharing your information with us is solely up to you. You can choose to share or not share your personal information with us by entering or not entering your details in the designated box. You can also choose to change your approval on the use of your data at any time.


For further inquiries or clarification about our privacy policy, we are open to hearing from you via anytime.