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A California tracking solution provider uses our Team Extension for mobile and cloud development to further improve their product’s IoT ecosystem. The company creates small-sized wireless tracking devices that work in an ecosystem with a mobile app. The key solution helps the company’s clients find their belongings easily and quickly, including items like keys, remotes, tablets, and bags. Through almost a decade of operation the company had shipped 100K devices.

Key Challenges

  • They needed to create a product that will bring unique value to their users, and an edge to the business.
  • The company faces very strong competition on the tracking solutions market.
  • Having started working with development partners on design, firmware, and hardware and software, the company turned to Infylo for an expert team that would shortly undertake mobile and cloud development for the new product.
  • Project was in a bottleneck situation and needed lots of dedicated work and efforts and Infylo just did that.

Proposition & Solution

Infylo has worked on many projects similar before. Hence, we presented the following solution to the client:

  • We have shown our earlier work in which we have developed similar app.
  • We gathered a team of the right experts on time, bringing in our ten-year experience and technical standards in iOS and Android apps MVP architecture, AWS, and microservices, as well as sharing them with the client’s team.
  • We have thoroughly tested app and done extensive quality assurance analysis to deliver the client a perfect product without any flaws.
  • We made sure that this is fully compatible which works perfectly on all mobile devices as per the specific needs of the client.

Results & Benefits

The solution designed and developed by Infylo met all of the expectations of the client regarding the compatible with all the devices. Following were the key benefits that we as a contractor successfully provided to Client.

  • Our cloud development solution is a dependable staple of the business whose products heavily rely on fail-safe, delay-free operation.
  • Client is extremely satisfied with the deliverables provided on time and within their budget.
  • What is more, the company was able to finish the desired product earlier than planned.
  • Our expertise in iOS and Android apps helped the company set a higher bar for tracking solutions on the market.
  • Client was extremely satisfied with the Quality Assurance Analysis (QA) efforts provided by Infylo.
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Swift, Kotlin Android, Python, Django & AWS

Client Reviews

We have found Infylo through internet search and right now feeling extremely satisfied with the quality of work they have delivered to us. It has an expert team of designers and developers and demonstrated a high degree of professionalism in its work. They have been highly committed and completed the project in very smooth manner meeting all the requirements of the project and delivered the same in timeframe provided. We will definitely contact Infylo in future too whenever we will have any requirement for any project.

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